About me


My name is Mateusz. I’m from Częstochowa, Poland, but I live and work in Kraków, Poland. I work as a software developer, and I really like it.

I graduated land surveying - AGH University of Science and Technology. The intent to study it was to not spend my whole life in front of the desk. It didn’t work out haha!

picture of myself in front of Leica total station

During my studies I started to learn programming on my own. Starting from VBA. It turned out to be pretty useful in land surveying calculations.

I was a memeber of science club KNG Dahlta where I had a chance to write an awful mobile app ;)

bad looking mobile map application

But then I found my first job.

GIS Software Engineer - GISonLine

(July 2015 - August 2016)

I was able to use knowledge gained during my studies (e.g. map projections, or what is the difference between WMS and WFS). At the same time I started getting into JavaScript. I was experimenting with Leaflet.js, but also developed my first serious apps using ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

JavaScript Developer - Making Waves

(September 2016 - July 2018)

To get this job I had to solve very intereseting interview assignment! That’s how I learned about canvas.

Working there was a great experience. I met great people, and learned a lot. I how to make front-end for big CMS-based (EPiServer in this case) websites, I learned React, and Knockout. I’ve also been to Oslo a couple of times, which I liked a lot.

Senior Software Engineer - Codete

(August 2018 - now)

Great experience boost for me! I had a chance to work as both front-end and backend projects. Big and complex ones. I learned what it means Microservice architecture, what it feels like to be in a project with top-notch dev ops and SREs. I wrote code using Vue and React. I learned a lot about TypeScript.

I also run a furniture online store with my wife - Zabawa w Dom.

Steel coffee table with black terrazzo made by Zabawa w Dom

This makes me learn a lot of things that I would never think I could learn, like SEO, marketing or cutting steel profiles :)